About game

Pijaka Astray is survival top down shooter taken into third dimension (literally!). Our hero - Pijaka is imprisoned in strange, endless state of falling from which there seems to be no exit. But when she lost her hope she suddenly fell down on floating island and discovers four weapons of unknown origin.

Now she is able to take control over her destiny and fight back with anyone who is responsible for her situation. But before this happens she needs to learn how to use those tools of destruction...

...player will have to learn how to control Pijaka in this constant collapsing world, master 4 weapon mechanics, collect experience and improve her skills to fight with hordes of robots. But his main goal is not about surviving for some time or killing as many robots as he can, but destroying ground and going into depths of island and finding out how she can escape from this nightmare!

About us

We are two brothers who decided to make fun and challenging games. We always enjoyed games as gamers, but now we are even more passionate as game creators.

Jarek is the older one and he is responsible for all scripting and interface design.

Piotrek did most of the in game art, from textures to animations and special effects.

We both work as freelance artists so if you are looking for help with your project let us know at info@japika.com !

Pijaka Astray is our first game, but we are already working on our second game that will be announced soon.